Infinite Series was a YouTube channel that sought to show everyone how fun and exciting mathematics can really be. I had the pleasure of developing its design and animation language from day one. Each episode had to be finished in one week.Building on graphics to visualize complex math problems was a considerable challenge but I learned so much that I never imagined possible for an art nerd such as myself. Many thanks to the team at PBS Digital Studios, Kornhaber Brown, and most of all the genius Kelsey Houston Edwards who managed to explain math enough so that I could actually design stuff that made sense. Check out all the videos here at PBS Infinite Series
The following are screenshots from the many episodes of Infinite Series. Explaining math with graphics allowed for a lot of interesting design choices. From illustrated characters, to 3D graphics, and of course- good old fashioned equations & diagrams. 
The following thumbnails were designed for each episode. Every YouTube video thumbnail needs to be eye catching to attract those clicks- and getting people to click on math videos was no easy feat.

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